Top Destinations around Greers Ferry Lake

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Attractions around Greers Ferry Lake in Arkansas

Fairfield Bay Marina

The Fairfield Bay Marina is a popular destination for the tourists to come here during the summer season.  The marina offers many fishing spots for Anglers to try and catch their big trophy Bass. For those who don’t like to fish such as the children there are a couple swimming areas and an artificial Beach next to the campgrounds.   Camping costs $9 per person per night there are many spots available as people generally don’t like to come here.  Boat and jet ski rentals are available year-round for a premium price. Expect to pay a lot when renting a boat or jet-ski.

 Dam site Marina

 Dam site Marina in Heber Springs Arkansas is another popular tourist destination.  The Cliffs located nearby are popular with the local used as in they like to jump off of them into the water.  One Cliff is even closed off to the public as somebody has died before. In the summer this place is usually very crowded and not recommended however people still flock to the area because it is the biggest Marina available in Heber Springs. This Marina also offers boat and jet ski rentals.

Sugarloaf Mountain

 Situated in the middle of Greers Ferry Lake is Sugarloaf Mountain.  It is an island that was created during the flooding of the Little Red River to create Greers Ferry Lake.  There are many paths that lead to the top of this 800 foot tall mountain hikers take to get to to the top.  There are many gorgeous views upon arrival if you can manage that strenuous climb. I assure you that the hike is well worth it.

 Fishing spots

 There are hundreds of places to fish if not thousands around the Greers Ferry Lake.  You can fish from the shore or from a boat or even from the docks at the marinas.   Many species of fish reside here in Greers Ferry Lake and even some world record fish have been caught.  However it is rumored that the people who caught these fish fake it by raising their own and claiming they caught it.  The Little Red River in the mini small Creeks that run into are also great places to fish. You can easily catch enough to eat with the worms you find at the shore of these rivers and creeks.  If you enjoy fishing I highly recommend this area as you will never run out of places to fish. My friend who owns Direct Service Overhead often comes here to fish with and so do I.


 Tips for traveling in Little Rock Arkansas

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Carry a gun

 What are all the shootings recently in Little Rock Arkansas it is a wise decision to carry a firearm.  People have been shot in mall parking lots at Walmart During Black Friday and even in Hospital parking lots.  Gas station robberies occur every day harming many of the innocent citizens of Arkansas.  Carrying a firearm can mean the difference between life and death for you your family and your neighbor.  There are hundreds of documented and video cases where a citizen who carried a firearm Save the Day from a robbery in progress. Always be sure to be properly trained on the operation using safety of your firearm.

 Don’t be scared

 Predators feed off fear in the same way bad people were trying to hurt or steal from you also feed off fear. Predators usually don’t attack other Predator so if you act like one you won’t become prey.  Defend yourself if necessary.

 Always lock your car

 Even if it is a quick run into the gas station you should always lock your car.   Many people in Little Rock like to linger around places such as these waiting on an unsuspecting victim to leave their car unlocked and running.  It is then they will hop into the car and drive off for the victim to never see that car again.  In a lot of cases the police are unable to track down the stolen car as if it’s already been sent to a Chop Shop to be parted out and sold on eBay.

 Avoid certain places

 If you can it is a great choice to avoid the low-income residential areas  of Little Rock.  This may be a judgmental statement but it is it is a fact and a statistic that the lower-income areas of all cities are more prone to crime.  If you yourself or your family do not want to become a statistic of these crimes you best avoid the low-income residential areas of Little Rock.

 All in all Little Rock can be a great fun place but there are so many things you should be aware of to stay safe


Why you need travel insurance

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Travel insurance seems like another unnecessary burden and waste of resources. That is why most travelers ask the question: “why they need to buy travel insurance?”.

We will help to answer that question to all travelers. Here are the reasons why you need travel insurance.

When you cancel your trip

There can be unforeseen circumstances that can make you cancel your trip abruptly. Such as death of a loved one, you fell ill, work commitments or natural calamities among others. When you have coverage for trip cancellation, you will recover the amount you had used to book the trip if the reason is among the covered ones.

Missing your connection

You might have planned to go on a cruise, but your connecting flight delays and you miss the cruise ship. How do you catch up with the cruise ship? If you have the coverage of lost connection, you can get another flight that will land at the ship’s next port. The insurance company will offer some assistance services that help you to pay and arrange for any travel changes.

Flight cancellation

After leaving the last occasion to your flight, you arrive at the airport, and you find out that your scheduled flight is experiencing delays or it has been canceled. How will you manage to get another flight to get you back home? With the coverage on trip cancellation, you will get a refund of money spent on a return ticket or get you accommodation in a hotel that you will spend the night in comfort.

A terrorist event occurs

You have saved for the better part of your life to visit a dream destination. On the day of your travel or days close to it, a terrorist attack occurs, and you have to cancel your dream trip. If you have terrorism coverage, you can get back part of the money you had used after canceling your vacation.

You get injured or sick on your trip

You are a travel fanatic, and you managed to reach your destination safely. You explored the area and had happy moments, but before the end of your trip, you get injured or sick. You will need specialized care yet you are in a foreign land, this is where travel medical coverage comes in handy. You won’t incur substantial medical bills because your insurance will cover them and also offer you transport to get to a medical facility of your choice. Medical assistance can be one of the main reasons why you need travel insurance because you can end up spending so much more than your premiums.


There are so many eventualities that can take place while on travel and you are not in a position to cater to them. You can even lose your baggage, and this will mean that you need to shop for everything you need while on your vacation. Travel insurance will ensure that you will still enjoy your trip. They provide all the necessities you need without any extra costs. Other grave things can happen while on travel like losing your travel documents. Your travel insurance ensures that they get you all the necessary documents and you manage to travel to your next destination.