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Top Destinations around Greers Ferry Lake

Posted on 16 December 2018 by admin (0)

Attractions around Greers Ferry Lake in Arkansas

Fairfield Bay Marina

The Fairfield Bay Marina is a popular destination for the tourists to come here during the summer season.  The marina offers many fishing spots for Anglers to try and catch their big trophy Bass. For those who don’t like to fish such as the children there are a couple swimming areas and an artificial Beach next to the campgrounds.   Camping costs $9 per person per night there are many spots available as people generally don’t like to come here.  Boat and jet ski rentals are available year-round for a premium price. Expect to pay a lot when renting a boat or jet-ski.

 Dam site Marina

 Dam site Marina in Heber Springs Arkansas is another popular tourist destination.  The Cliffs located nearby are popular with the local used as in they like to jump off of them into the water.  One Cliff is even closed off to the public as somebody has died before. In the summer this place is usually very crowded and not recommended however people still flock to the area because it is the biggest Marina available in Heber Springs. This Marina also offers boat and jet ski rentals.

Sugarloaf Mountain

 Situated in the middle of Greers Ferry Lake is Sugarloaf Mountain.  It is an island that was created during the flooding of the Little Red River to create Greers Ferry Lake.  There are many paths that lead to the top of this 800 foot tall mountain hikers take to get to to the top.  There are many gorgeous views upon arrival if you can manage that strenuous climb. I assure you that the hike is well worth it.

 Fishing spots

 There are hundreds of places to fish if not thousands around the Greers Ferry Lake.  You can fish from the shore or from a boat or even from the docks at the marinas.   Many species of fish reside here in Greers Ferry Lake and even some world record fish have been caught.  However it is rumored that the people who caught these fish fake it by raising their own and claiming they caught it.  The Little Red River in the mini small Creeks that run into are also great places to fish. You can easily catch enough to eat with the worms you find at the shore of these rivers and creeks.  If you enjoy fishing I highly recommend this area as you will never run out of places to fish. My friend who owns Direct Service Overhead often comes here to fish with and so do I.